Evgenia Kulkova or Jane is an artist who lives in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. She paints a wide range of subjects, inspired by the natural world. Jane works in her own unique style, creating a special world filled with her own system of images, meanings, and her own universe. She often puts herself - a little girl in a red fleece jacket in her paintings.

You could find some of Jane's work at Fractal Press Gallery and at Gemini Studios in Grassingon, North Yorkshire. The original oil paintings on canvases that you could see on this site are still for sale. If you would like to purchase the artwork send a message to Jane (e-mail: kukareku12@hotmail.com).

Travelling and writing are other Jane's passions. There are lots of stories, photographs and information about Yorkshire Dales, Scotland and Canada here. You're welcome.

original oil on canvases, illustrations