original oil on canvasesOriginal Oil on Canvases

"The owl", (20x16x0.6in,51x41x1.5sm) £195.00 incl deliv

"Northern light", (20x16x0.6in,51x41x1.5sm) £195.00 incl deliv

"Paps of Jura", (20x16x0.6in,51x41x1.5sm) £195.00 inc del

"At the fireplace", (20x16x0.6in,51x41x1.5sm) £195.00 incl deliv

"Three bears", (23.5x16.5x0.6in,60x42x1.5sm) £245.00 incl del

"The Fox Family", (23.5x16.5x0.6in,60x42x1.5sm) £215.00 inc del

"Autumn",(24x18x0.6in,61x46x1.5sm) £235.00 incl del

"Great Wolfrey",(26x22x0.6in,61x56) £245.00 to pick up

"The Tan Hill Inn", (24x20x1.4in,61x51x1.5sm) £275.00 incl deliv

"Ride off into sunset"(right),(20x20x1.4in,51x51x3.5sm), not available

"Ride off into sunset"(middle),(20x16x1.4in,51x41x3.5sm), not available

"Ride off into sunset"(left),(20x20x1.4in,51x51x3.5sm), not available

"Apple Pie", (20x20x1.4in,51x51x3.5sm) £215.00 includ delivery

"Christmas Apple Horse",(20x20x1.4in,51x51x3.5sm) £235.00 incl del

"The Laund Oak", (20x20x1.4in,51x51x3.5sm) £235.00 incl deliv

"Sunflowers", (24x30x0.6in,58x76)£215.00 incl wood frame,to pick up

"Dandelions", (36x28x0.6inc,71x91)£215.00 incl wood frame,to pick up

"Chestnut", (20x30x1.4in,51x76)£215.00 to pick up from Skipton